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Birthday Weekend

Santa Monica + Cabo Cantina

Santa Monica


Brandon and I are always searching for things to do on weekends. We usually spend it eating (both 30 lbs heavier) or staying home and watching Netflix or Redbox. Since it was the weekend BEFORE my birthday, I decided that I wanted to go to Santa Monica. Surprisingly, the weather was perfect – the sun wasn’t out but it wasn’t cold at all! So, we made the 35 minute trip to Santa Monica.

Mexican Food

If you guys are following me on Instagram, you guys know that I got to eat at one of the best Mexican restaurants ever! Okay, I am exaggerating – one of the best Mexican Restaurants on the strip due to its affordability and amazing food. Plus, look at that huge huge huge margarita – there’s patron in it 😀 All under the cut!

The mall


You can take cooking lessons here! How amazing.





Cabo Cantina



Brandon & I were planning on eating at an Italian restaurant because we wanted something a bit fancy and plus, all the prices on the strip were jacked up. The place we were debating about had 18 dollar spaghetti with meat sauce… not worth it! So after convincing him that we could find a cheaper alternative, we stumbled upon this little gem.

I didn’t think the food would be so cheap but it was! They had nachos for only 9 dollars (looked huge), fries for about 5 dollars and cheap drinks. Also, so many happy hour!!! We were able to get a 36 oz margarita with Patron & Key lime flavoring for only about 16 dollars. They didn’t even check ID and Brandon got freaked out a bit after seeing two pre teen boys drinking “lemonade” from the same cup that we had…. 

I’m trying to go on weekends because if you go before 3 PM, its BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS + BLOODY MARYS for only 9.95.



Look at all those happy hour signs! 


Around 8 dollars, very worth it! 


Don’t know why these came out so ugly, the lighting was quite terrible in there.

This was also 8 dollars but they were delicious and bigger than what we were used to.

Stopping by LUSH 

I don’t have a LUSH nearby and I’ve actually only gone inside the store like 3 times so I took advantage of the fact that there was one nearby.

Sadly, I didn’t get anything since I am leaving to Hong Kong soon! For 4-5 months! Can you imagine? More on that soon though.






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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so good! I’m so glad I saw this. My boyfriend lives in Santa Monica so I’m over there at least once a month. I’ve never seen this place before though. I would go just for the margarita and nachos. And hey, Lush is amazing. I’ve been to that one a few times. If you get a chance to go when you get back from Hong Kong, check out the massage bars. they’re great for hands and feet. Sounds weird, but I love them. Also, have fun in Hong Kong!

    • It was too good 🙂 I’m thinking about coming there this weekend to go grab some drinks! haha.
      Luckily they have a LUSH in HK, should be a bit cheaper hopefully. & Thank you 🙂

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