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Pool Side Pretty Recap , Orange County

shopserenesky event final#PoolSide Pretty Event Recap! 

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to attend Poolside Pretty event! It was hosted by my former boss, Donna owner of Serene Sky + Cheryl from Skinny on Beauty . I’m sure there will be some posts from other bloggers about the event, but I just love love love behind the scenes posts because our lives are not all as glamorous (not saying mine is, in general) as other people think it is + you rarely see photos that weren’t meant to be posted on certain blogs… but since I was in charge of taking photos, I took a bunch of photos! Haha!

So, Lindsey helped me take photos and we kept each other company while setting up before the event. Seriously, Lindsey is just the sweetest & amazing, so I hired her to help manage my blog (more on that later!). I interned with Lindsey last year, and always see her at events so it’s always fun to have a familiar face 🙂 ❤ Lindsey, if you’re reading this – I love you! haha


Did I mention she’s like gorgeous? 

We got there around 12:30 (I dragged Brandon along) and helped set up, though there really wasn’t anything to set up at the time. The party actually started at 2 PM, so we had a bit of time and used that time to catch up. At first, it was only Annie (owner of  Oh So Cali Clothing ) , Lindsey, Brandon and I but around 1:30 it was so packed!! All the vendors started coming in and I was really surprised to see Crocs show up since they’re a huge huge brand !  namecards

We all got our name tags ready + began to join the party ! poolsidepretty

The event hosts 

There was also a videographer at the event who brought along his two friends, they were bloggers as well and so friendly ! They bared the heat and stood in the front to check the guests in. Brandon and I made sure to get them lemonade and tell them when to grab food since they were away from the festivities for a while. bloggers

Cute right? 

checking in

There were also Raffle tickets on sale, the prize was a Sprouts giftbasket which was filled with lots of goodies. Guests were also able to bring home swagbags filled with Sprouts stuff as well! More on that later though.

Sprouts giftbag business cards

Everyone was encouraged to leave their business cards in the front, which I thought was great. I seriously need to get my own soon! But at the time of this photo, it was really early on so there weren’t as many business cards yet. 

Back at the event, there were plenty of vendors that finished setting up – but I’ll talk about the most important one first, of course Serene Sky! I’m so proud of Donna for being the host as well + planning the event!


My photos have def gotten alot better throughout the months, thanks to the camera Brandon bought me !  >> The Samsung NX 3000 << was seriously a lifesaver for me, small, compact but still able to take cute photos! Love it. serenesky serenesky

And as we took a look around the pool……

A braid station! What a great idea. 


And the best part about the event… was its FOOD. I’m sorry, but it was like 100 degrees and I could feel myself sweating EVERYWHERE, so I was so happy when I saw Snow STATION. Best event ever!



They were serving Strawberry Lemonade + Milk Tea. I never realized how great their milk tea was until poolside pretty. I’ll get it next time I’m there.SAM_1376

I practically forced these girls to take a photo haha.. the rest of their team hid.

Imagine my surprise when I saw Lola’s Mexican Cuisine! Lola’s is right next to my mom’s shop so I was so happy to see them cater this event! 

lolas SAM_1401

The team, excluding Donna + Brandon! SAM_1405 SAM_1407 SAM_1413

After eating, I decided to do my actual job and take photos of the scenery and surroundings. I loved all the little props!

SAM_1377  SAM_1381 SAM_1382 SAM_1384

And finally, the event had 4 guest speakers! Sadly, I had to leave before they started speaking but Lindsey took over and snapped some photos of them 🙂

SAM_1434  SAM_1446


And there you have it! Another fun and amazing event 🙂 And look at all the goodies I got from it!

Also, if you are an LA / OC blogger, I would love to connect with you 🙂 Maybe if there is an event in the future, I can let you know + we can finally meet up!  

P/S If there are any mistakes/spelling errors in this post… just know I wrote this at 11 PM on SUNDAY, so I am tired + super exhausted haha. I just wanted to get it published!


  1. This looks like an amazing party/networking event! I’m not even kidding, a braid station is seriously the BEST idea ever and if I ever have the privilege to host a party like this one, that’ll be the first thing I go for (that and a Snow Station)! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  2. What a great review on our blogger happening event in the OC! I love the things that are starting to happen behind “The Orange Curtain” especially for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Thank you for covering the events of the day so well. It was a pleasure to meet you. Until next year!!

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