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Amaroni’s Little Italy, Festival Walk

Picture Credit: Good Eating

Picture Credit: Good Eating

I decided to take a quick break from blogging about Rome to continue my food adventures in Hong Kong! Here is by far my favorite place to eat. 

Yes, this place is romantic and I would take Brandon here as soon as he comes to Hong Kong. & Yes, the cabornora here is amazing and is even better than all the carbonara I’ve ever had in my entire life + that includes Rome. 

I mentioned before that when Jane began to travel all over Asia (I was very jealous), it rekindled my friendship with Sham. So , while I missed Jane greatly – I had Sham and a new awesome friend , Nancy. Whereas Jane and I stuck to mostly asian food, Sham introduced me to more western food and thankfully… this place. I’ve never been a big fan of pasta, but I am still dreaming about the delicious spaghetti Carbonara. 


We got to eat here twice I think, maybe three times at most and each time was better than the first. First of all, the environment is dreamy and romantic. The lights are dim, they have some music playing (or am I imagining things?) and also the seating is just so cute. The servers are also very attentive.

My biggest tip is to share everything. Sham told me she and Nancy went and ordered 2 plates because they didn’t know, and the plates were huge! So, when we went – we all decided to share the spaghetti carbonara! It was so big that there was almost always some left over. Also, the prices are pretty expensive… even though we split the dish it was about 70 HKD per person! But, they do give you a bread plate… so I guess that makes up for it? 

My biggest regret is that we didn’t get to try any dessert. We should have gotten the tiramisu, but I was honestly way too broke for that. 

Visit their website here to look at their amazing menu



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