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Summer Detox – SPA WATER


Good Morning Guys! I spent this morning making spa water! If you are following Fitness Gurus or Fitness Instagrams then you should see some pictures like this popping up once in a while. 

Sorry guys, I have no idea where this pic came from!

Usually these water bottles are VOSS water bottles and in all the pictures they are filled with delicious fruits and even mint. I remember reading comments and people going, “Omg, Voss is so expensive!” So I thought, oh… do the water bottles come filled with fruits like that? But of course, now I know they don’t. The reason why people use VOSS is because the water bottles are huge I heard that you can get the water bottles from Marshalls or Ross and then just fill them up with veggies, I have yet to try it though.

by Chef Charles

Anyway, whether you’re having fun at a picnic or enjoying the sand beneath your toes don’t forget to hydrate hydrate hydrate. Here are some easy and delightfully yummy Spa Water Inspirations!



Strawberries: Strawberries taste delicious and can be found everywhere. They are a great source of Vitamin C, are antioxidants and prevent inflammation. They also decrease blood pressure and have anti cancer benefits.


Lemon: I always heard that I should drink a glass of water with lemon squeezed in it as soon as I wake up but I never understood why, now that I’m older I know that Lemon water can jumpstart your day. Drinking lemon water can combat morning breath by controlling bacteria, help with your immune system (thanks to Vitamin C) and detox your body (by helping cleanse your liver).No wonder most spa water contains lemon!



Another favorite of mine is Cucumber & Mint (sorry guys no pictures! I didn’t have any cucumbers!) ! Some others that I really want to try are: Grapefruit and Blueberry Spa Water.




So pack up your bags, bring along a bottle of Spa Water and you’ll feel great all day!



  1. Sarah Allen says

    This was really interesting! I wouldn’t have thought to use pineapple or strawberries really. I’ll have to try this 🙂

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