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Class of 2014 & President Obama!


Sorry for the lack of posts, but I was too busy celebrating my sisters graduation!  Anyway, UCI’s class of 2014 was able to have Obama at their graduation ceremony which was located in ANGEL STADIUM! Jealous? I know, I was so jealous also! Luckily, I was one of the 40,000 (?) people there to hear him speak! There were around 8000 graduating students also! Congrats C/O 2014!

Let me start from the beginning… to see more pictures of our wonderful mr. president, my happy sister and yummy food from cheesecake factory then click below!

 I have to be honest, I didn’t want to go to the graduation at all! Plus, UCI students have TWO graduations… one on saturday and another at various times throughout the week; but my sister had 4 tickets and invited Brandon and I. We left the house at 6:30 AM and she had to be there at 7… little did I know that the ceremony started at 10:30!

IMG_1509Cindy fixing her cap.


No pics of me because I looked awful! So here’s a pic of her and Brandon.


Off she goes!

While the grads had a wonderful time in their football field sized TENT, all the other thousands of guests had to endure a long wait at the security line. Security really was no joke, we saw plenty of people in Bulletproof vests and even drug sniffing police dogs! Of course for the president it was all worth it. Surprisingly, the security guys were very nice and wished us a happy graduation!

We got inside and I literally fell asleep until it started. Brandon woke me up to the sound of drums playing and the graduates walking out. Thankfully we had amazing seats and while we were cold… the rest of the guests were hot; we saw thousands of people fanning themselves! 


We were in the shade and on the second floor 🙂


Look at all the graduates, it took them more than an hour to all walk out and seat themselves.


They took so long we decided to buy some water and some ice cream! We bought two water bottles and they were 4 dollars each; the ice cream was 6 dollars each… it wasn’t worth it but food was the only thing keeping me sane! 



Blurry because we tried to make it back before Mr. President got there!


Finally they were all seated. Andrew, Cindy, Brandon and I wondered how long Obama would speak for. Andrew and I said he would speak for 30 minutes, while Brandon said 35 and Cindy said 45 minutes. In the beginning, we even thought he would just drop in and say a few words then leave… I mean he is busy afterall. We all wished he would land in the empty plot of land next to the graduates or jump from his helicopter and onto the stage… we wish!


See the plot of land to the left? Perfect for him to land his helicopter!



And Finally He CAME !!!






What can I say about our president? He is a wonderful speaker and so funny also! When he first stood on stage, everyone stood and clapped loudly! He said, “If you guys see the hot dog man, get me a hotdog!” He inspired us and is such a charismatic speaker – he told us that we were going to change the world and all of the things that we have gone through at such a young age: such as all the laws that have passed and what the future is going to hold for us. Also, I must say he is wonderful eye candy!

UCI Students sent 10,000 postcards to the white house begging him to come and he showed up!!! He even gave a shout out to his assistant’s brother who was graduating also. That was one lucky boy.

And guess what? He spoke for 30 minutes (although it felt like 45 minutes). As soon as he stopped talking and left, half of the audience left, which made me feel bad for the Dean and other speakers. We stayed until the end to support the wonderful faculty at UCI.

Cheesecake Factory!

After maneuvering through parking hell, we landed at the Cheesecake factory where there was no wait. It was my first time at this location (plus, I’ve only been here about three times… it’s pretty pricey) and it was very nice.



I like the booths.


All smiles: (L to R) Andrew, Jennifer, & Cindy.



Brandon’s dish, it was yummy. It’s the Maidera Chicken.


Spicy Chicken Sandwich.


Pasta Da Vinci, it was pretty good!


Yum, this was the SMORES cheesecake. It was so good, I highly recommend!


The amazing Red Velvet Cake.

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