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Borghese Gallery – Rome


Hopefully you guys haven’t missed my Rome Travel Posts too much! After taking a break and going on a product review binge, I decided to finish up my travel post. 

We decided to visit Borghese Gallery last because it was near our hotel. My sister said it was free, but I’m not sure because I read online that it’s 11 Euros. I remember having to call to make a reservation and having a lot of trouble with that. The first lady hung up on me , and luckily the second lady had an excellent grasp of the English language. We took a bus there and we made our way into the park. 

The park was gorgeous! Make sure to spend a lot of time taking photos at the peaceful scenery. In order to make this post not too picture heavy, I decided to leave it out. There were plenty of people walking their dogs and one of them even came up to me and wanted to play!



First, you go and check in. There is a place to put your coats and a little cafe inside. Then, you have to wait until it’s time for your “reservation”. We made our reservation at 11 AM, so it wasn’t too early. But, be warned – check in is an hour earlier, so make sure you get there right on time!


This was my favorite part of the exhibit. When we first walked in, the lights were all off except for this^ it was spinning and eventually slowed down. Afterwards, the lights came on and everyone clamoured around to get a photo of it! It was a shame that my camera died at the Vatican, so I made sure to take plenty of photos of the beautiful ceilings at the gallery. 












My sister, who is way more photogenic than I am! I took so many photos of her and there are very little photos of me -_-“





I love how, in most of the photos, there is always someone who is in the background gazing up at a marvelous painting, or beautiful sculpture. Everyone who came to the museum was very interested in what it had to offer, and the environment was great! No loud yelling, no kids running around. It was a great experience and I was so glad we were able to go.

After the museum, we decided to go grab some lunch (of course), and walked through the park. We stumbled across this sculpture.





I’ll post the rest of the Rome Trip (only 1 more post, maybe 2 at most) and hopefully the video when I’m all done. Hope you guys enjoyed all the wonderful photos.


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time, the museum you were in reminds of the Louvre in Paris. I’m currently writing about my trip to Paris in a series of posts havent written about the Louvre yet but I will soon.

  2. WanderLustGirl says

    Reblogged this on ThatSohoGirl:) and commented:
    The writer is amazing at her work in this👌✨ also, makes me want to go to Rome. Rome added to bucket list!

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