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4 Friends that every girl should have

4 Friends that every girl should have



1. The Party Girl – This friend is usually one who wants to party all night and sleep all day. She always seems to know the best venues for a girls night out and has the best stories to tell when it comes to one night stands. The advantages to having a friend like this? You are never bored with her and because she is already around the party scene, she really knows how to take good care of you when it comes to you getting “drunk” off two shots of Hennessy. If you plan on getting a ride home from her after a wild night out, think again- her phone is almost always off and you can’t seem to find her once you arrive. Have a test to study for the next day? She will literally show up at your house and force you to go to a party with her.


Guy: Oh, so who are you going home with?

You: Oh, my friend _____ is taking me home.

Guy: Oh, I just saw her leave with that one guy like an hour ago.

You: WTF?

2. The Innocent One.

This friend is the one who always seems to want to keep your reputation and hers clean. Want to chug a bunch of whiskey and get wasted? Not with her by your side. She is the one who stops you from going to the bathroom with a guy you barely met at the party and the one who hides your keys when you’re drunk. She is like an angel on your shoulder and seems to pop up right before you decide to do something bad. She has a self imposed curfew (unfortunately she will give you one also) and sincerely cares about your health and well being. On the plus side, after hanging out with her you will eventually realize that you can have fun without the influence of alcohol and you can always count on her to make sure you get home safe and sound. Obviously, the innocent friend and party girl might not get along too well.

3.  The reasonable / Laid back one.

This is what I would consider the in between friend. She is laid back and rarely gets into any arguments. She is down for having a good time, as long as its with people she knows and is comfortable around. She can party all night but has standards and can be extremely picky about the types of activities she wants to do and who she wants to hang out with. On the other hand, she is the best mediator about fights and always makes sure to hear both sides before making a decision.

4. The bitch

Ahh, the bitch. My favorite of all friends, she is the one friend that we all need to bring us out of our shell. Don’t worry, she isn’t a bitch to you but only to others who mess with her. Usually this friend can also be known as the “party” girl. She is the person who tells you to stand up for yourself and is always there to back you up. If you are ever going to be in a fight, this is the one to call. Usually, her decision making is a bit rash and she doesn’t think things out but she will be loyal and always on your side. Known for creating lots of drama, she isn’t a bully; just someone who has strong opinions and not to let one walk all over her.

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