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Things I’ve learned after gaining 30+ lbs

The heaviest I’ve ever been before this was I’d say 125, and that was after the “freshman 15”. I’m not shy at all about how much weight I’ve gained or even embarrassed because I had a great support system (more on that later). I was always slim throughout my life, thanks to genetics and a very tough exercise plan since I was always playing sports. But, when I gained all this weight I was very confused and sometimes even horrified at how big I had become. I was suddenly scared of trying on clothes, hated looking at myself in the mirror, and didn’t want to go out.

I remember going into a fitting room last year and not being able to fit into the size S or even M. I was confused, “How could I not fit this? I swear… I wore something from here last month.” I texted my friends and told them that I had to buy a shirt that was size XL.

“What? I didn’t realize you got to that point…” a friend texted back.


But, I was lucky that I only felt these emotions for a short amount of time. Now, I’m working harder to lose the weight that I’ve gained and overall, become more healthy.

1. The saying, “I wish I was as fat as the first time I thought I was fat.”

I actually stumbled upon this quote on facebook, and practically laughed aloud. My senior year, everyone called me chubby although I was only at 115 (all my friends were pretty tiny). I thought I was fat, but who knew I would get up this point? What I mean to say is that, we always take things for granted… even ourselves. I should have appreciated my body then, and realized that I wasn’t fat at all.

2. Your weight may be the first thing people see.

I never actually realized I was chubby until a stranger told me. My friends told me that I was getting pretty chubby and so did my family, but I never believed them (they’re always saying those things). But, last August I was at a party with my boyfriend drinking with some people. I asked a girl to have another drink with me, to which she replied, “Oh, well I have to rest… I can’t drink as much as you. I’m alot smaller.” Thank god I was drunk, I don’t even know how I would have reacted to that! Then, after that… I began to become more aware of my weight and realize that for once in my life, I was the chubby girl.

I posted a picture once, and this guy told my best friend, “Wow… she gained alot of weight after highschool.”

3. Your weight doesn’t define you.

This goes along with the above statement, “Your weight may be the first thing people see.” Yes, I was am chubby, but that doesn’t change who I am. It doesn’t change the fact that I have friends who love me, a boyfriend who adores me and a wonderful life. Nothing about me has changed. I admit, I was sad for a bit, but I was never sad for long. Don’t let others put you down for being overweight, live your life the way you want to.

4. You need a good support system.

I think the reason I wasn’t that sad about my weight gain was the fact that I had amazing friends who were always there for me. My boyfriend never told me that I was getting chubby, but instead compliments me everyday. My friends were the ones who told me that I was “gaining a little bit of weight.” I imagine if I had friends who called me fat everyday, my self esteem would just get lower and lower. Hang out with people who sincerely care for you. Fake friends will lie to you when you ask them if you look okay, but real friends will tell you the truth without killing your self esteem (damage it maybe… but not sugar coat it).

Luckily, I was able to have my best friend teach me everything I needed about how to work out and control my food intake. 

5. You didn’t gain all that weight in a day, you won’t lose it in a day.

This was literally last december. I made a bet with my mother that I could lose all the weight I gained (I honestly didn’t think I gained that much lol) in a month – she told me she would give me 1000 dollars if I did. Of course, I didn’t. I was so silly to think that I could lose all that weight in that little amount of time! Gaining weight is easy, losing weight is the hard part. 

6. You have to make the choice to change & when you do, make sure you’re changing for yourself.

I was fine just eating everything I wanted and enjoying life with the people I love. I mean, in the most simplest terms: I was happy. But, after a while I just realized that I didn’t want to be like this. Walking up the flight of stairs at school made me tired and I was always sleepy.  My boyfriend told me I was fine and that I didn’t need to change. But I told myself that I wanted to be able to have energy in the morning, sleep better at night and be healthy. I believe when you make the decision for yourself, you’re happier with your outcome and happier during the process.

7. People will judge you.

People will judge you, people will look at you, and some may even laugh at you. The first few times I went to the gym, I was nervous. I didn’t know how to use any machine except the treadmill and most people were in great shape. Thankfully, everytime I had trouble with a machine, someone came to help me. Don’t be discouraged… there are people out there who are very friendly and who will be willing to teach you – just ask.

Other people though, will say things behind your back. In my blog post, this is why she won’t be skinny, I was told that I would never be skinny because of the way I eat. Mind you, I was just posting up a picture of an icecream. People won’t know how hard you are trying, and sometimes they won’t care. Work hard and you will show everyone just how strong and dedicated you really are.


8. Anyone can do it, but it won’t be easy. Don’t give up.

Cliche, but it’s true. I see the same people working out with me – 5 days a week. Guess what? These aren’t the same people from January. In January, the gyms are filled with people who are trying to do their new years resolution. The people that I see, are split into two groups. Those who are a bit bigger (like me), and those who are already fit. The people who are like me… I see them sweat, I see them work hard and most of all – I see their progress.Everytime I see someone at the gym now, just walking on the track or doing leg lifts, I can’t help but smile. One day, hopefully soon, I will be able to teach someone how to use a machine… just like a person taught me a few months ago.  Please, work hard. It will pay off. 


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