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{Blogger Tutorials} How to Edit your photos (No Photoshop Needed)

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It’s been a while hasn’t it? I know I’ve been putting out alot of reviews and fashion posts, so here’s a post that I think would benefit you guys. As a blogger, I try to find tutorials on how to edit simply because we don’t need all those tips and tricks. We edit just to enhance our photos. Here’s a little mini tutorial for those who have photoshop. If you don’t have photoshop then check below to see other editors!

Adjust Brightness & see the difference

before and after

1. Simply open up photoshop and find the document you want to edit. After, go to IMAGE > ADJUSTMENTS > BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST


2. Change your Brightness, sometimes I go 30 (most of the time), if the picture is pretty dark I go 50 (for Brightness). Then, I like to change the contrast to half (depending on how it looks).

last step

Brightening really helps your photos, before I didn’t use it as much because I had decent lighting but now, I ALWAYS brighten up my photos no matter what!  It just really makes a difference.

No photoshop? No Problem.

After checking out other online editors, I decided to pick my best and show it to you guys. My absolute favorite right now is BEFUNKY. I’ve used Lunapic, pixlr, foto, etc – I prefer BEFUNKY. It is so easy! No need to download anything (I hate dling things), and no need to sign up! Enjoy !!

befunky 2


simple and easy to use

Examples of BEFUNKY editing.






I like BEFUNKY because you can add all sorts of filters to it, something that I rarely use on photoshop (the filters are boring on photoshop). The above ones (BEFORE&AFTER ones) The before was the first pic I took that I edited on photoshop, and the second one is one I edited on Befunky; I used a warming filter to give it a summer look. Now, the bottom on I gave it a cooling filter because that was a winter post.

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P/S/ If you guys like this type of post, please comment or like. I have plenty of other tutorials coming up such as how to download fonts, make banners, etc. 


  1. Woohoo! Please post more! Do you know how to use Photoshop Lightroom? I wanted to use it but I don’t think it’s user-friendly. I also checked Befunky. It’s good coz I don’t like Photoshop filters as well. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • I really recommend Lightroom! I actually use photoshop but my friends just downloaded lightroom and they said it’s easier to learn and has more set filters and presets. I’ll probably post up a tutorial on it soon.

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