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Suzuki Cafe Company 鈴木珈啡館

Suzuki Cafe Company



Shop L407, 4/F, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

For Jane and I’s last meal together, I was debating between Cafe Habitu or another place that was near the avenue of stars (overlooking the harbor). I meant to send her the two different websites so she could browse the menu, but I made a mistake and sent the Cafe Habitu website to her twice… so we decided to just meet up there.

Cafe Habitu is located in THE ONE shopping mall in TST; but after trying to find it for a while we gave up and chose Cafe Suzuki. We chose it out of plenty of other restaurants because it looked inexpensive, there was a dinner set, and they had just completed their outside patio. Sadly, it was raining that day so we were not able to sit outside, and the view was blocked… but it wasn’t too bad as the restaurant , itself, was very cute and classy. 

The Menu


Click here to see the full menu 

What we ordered:

I’ve never had Carbonara until I came to Hong Kong and I’m seriously hooked! I had the Carbonara with cream of truffle and parma ham. Jane and I did some simple math and figured that the dinner for two was not worth it so we opted to order off the menu. For some clarification: The 2 dinner person menu was almost the same price as the dinner set BUT, for the dinner for 2 you were stuck with a drink choice (the healthy drink – which is basically veggie juice) while for the DINNER SET you could choose any drink from the menu. 
Part of the dinner set 
Jane ended up ordering the Hokkaido Crab “Au Gratin”
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Jane really enjoyed her meal, but I wasn’t too impressed with my carbonara. I was , however, hapy that it came with an egg but the whole dish just tasted very bland to me. Maybe because the first time I had carbonara it was at a fancy italian restaurant with Sham and now I can’t have “mediocre” carbonara? The drinks were very good though I don’t think I could justify spending 50 HKD for a drink (thanks to the dinner SET it was included) and the salad that came with the dinner set was HORRIBLE. I would get the soup next time. I went the second time around with Nancy & Sham and got the Crab meat Carbonara which was even worse than the first one. 


The last time I saw my best friend in Hong Kong… will see you soon Jane <3! 

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