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Wildwood Restaurant, Maidstone

37-41 Earl Street, Maidstone ME14 1PF, United Kingdom
+44 1622 755339


Wildwood Restaurant

First of all, England is so expensive. Of course, I knew that… but I didn’t know to which extent. As Tom is vegetarian, we were limited to certain restaurant choices and decided to come here. Since Tom and his parents rented a cottage in the countryside, we had to drive about 30 minutes to get here. The restaurant itself was very cozy and nice. 


What we ordered


Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil Pizza

£9.95 = 15.55 USD

I’m usually very easy when it comes to food, but this was horrible. Please do not order it! We couldn’t taste the Truffle Oil at all. Jennifer expected it to taste like the Truffle pizza at CPK, but we were both very disappointed with it. She even said that, “We could make a better pizza at home.” 


Chicken Burger

£9.95 = 15.55 USD

This def helped the sour mood after the pizza. The chicken was cooked to perfection, and it filled me up.


Margherita Pizza

£6.95 = 10.86 USD

Tom said it was really good… but I don’t really trust his judgment. He actually said that our pizza tasted exactly like his…


Overall, I wouldn’t go there again. 

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