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Mon Hue Restaurant , Saigon, Vietnam

Mon Hue Restaurant – Saigon, Vietnam

After we visited the Cu Chi Tunnels, we tiredly drove back to Saigon where we were met with massive traffic. Brandon whipped out his phone to record some videos of the crazy traffic, which I’ll have for you guys soon I swear! Everyone asked us where we wanted to eat, and so we said Bun Bo Hue. Bun Bo Hue, is def. my favorite – I prefer it over Pho and Brandon loves it, so we were both excited to taste authentic Bun Bo Hue, in saigon nonetheless!

They decided that we all deserved AC and a nice environment, so they took us to Mon Hue. Surprisingly, I remembered this place from 4 years ago when my aunt hosted her birthday party here. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

The decor was very modern, and it was amazingly cold outside. may not seem like a big deal to you… but trust me, we have been standing / walking outside in the heat all day! Our huge party of 13 sat down. Sadly, my uncle couldn’t eat with us, there wasn’t any parking to park the car…. so he had to park somewhere else and run in to grab his food to go and eat in the car! 



Though I felt very out of place with my huge camera dangling around my neck, I managed to take some photos of the menu. As you can see, the food isn’t that expensive. I’ll list some prices for you guys:

1. Hue Imperial Pancake – 54,000 VND = $2.50 USD

2. Grilled Pork Balls Served with Rice paper and Veggies – 69,000 – $3.16USD

3. Rice with boiled pork and sour shrimp – 54,000 – $2.50

And might I remind you guys – my whole family kept on stressing how it was ridiculously overpriced, etc etc. And Brandon and I were so used to eating food stalls where the food was only 20,000 VND which is 90 cents, that we thought it was quite expensive as well! 


And on top of that, they had an amazing >>>Breakfast DEAL! For $1.60, you could get a soymilk or coffee with a bowl of bun bo hue. <<< 

On to the Food 

Of course, Brandon and I ordered the Bun Bo Hue, but other family members ordered different things like their chicken with rice. I’ve heard Vietnam has amazing chicken from many people. But, over the course of 5 days – we didn’t have any.


We started off with some appetizers, no idea what this was but it was delicious!


My Cousin had omelete with rice and chicken, looked pretty good but i didn’t come to Vietnam to eat Eggs!


Our ultimate favorite – Banh Beo. It was seriously delicious, I wish we got more because I wanted to order some just for ourselves (fatty fatty) but, the family gobbled it up as soon as I took the photo!


They gave us these little treats to tide us over while we waited for the food. They looked interesting, and Brandon wanted to try them + they would make for nice photos… turns out…


They weren’t that good. I didn’t try them, but I took Brandon’s word for it.


Ahh, finally to the star. Our Bun bo Hue! It was delicious, though we had better ones at the food stall (I’ll show photos of that later). But, this wasn’t bad…


Overall, it was a great meal ! After this, we stopped by to grab some Boba + go eat sandwiches from a food stall. No photos of those sadly… but I’ll be back next week with some more adventures!


  1. It sounds amazing!! So what exactly is Bun bo Hue? Is it kind of a soup? Either way, I’m pretty sure I would’ve eaten my weight in food! haha! And that’s saying something! 😉

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