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Coconut Bay – Delicious!


18922 Gale Ave, Rowland Heights, CA 91748

After a weekend of Formals, going up to visit the boyfriend’s family, and swimming – I ended the weekend at Coconut Bay. Also, I made an Instagram account: Dianasadventuress ; follow me on there so I won’t spam you guys with my food pictures! Lol ! 

Many of my friends go to Coconut Bay, but I hardly go because it is too far and I didn’t think the food would be good… but, today was my second time going (the first time wasn’t that great). Now, I know what I’m going to get everytime I’m there. 

The place itself is very big. I was very surprised because usually asian restaurants aren’t that big (maybe I”m accustomed to the mom and pop shops in Garden Grove).  The reason why we decided to go here was because Brandon wanted to watch the game. We came right at 11ish, so they were just opening.



Brandon told me to take a picture of the big screen.


Coconut bay is very popular, especially on weekends. 


Here he is, all sweaty after playing basketball.

The menu

Usually when I go to asian restaurants, I order the pad see ew but I got it last time and although it was good I had better elsewhere. After flipping through the menu for what seemed like 15 minutes, I finally decided on getting a curry. I rarely get curry in restaurants but since I was craving it I decided to try it out.


I got the green curry with chicken. I was debating on the regular chicken curry… but changed my mind.


So many decisions! Brandon was debating between the BBQ CHICKEN FRIED RICE or the CONTINENTAL. We ended up chosing the latter. 



I loved my curry! I used to think the curry that my old restaurant (So Pho So Good) made the best curry… but this one is alot better. Plus, there were so many pieces of chicken, I actually couldn’t finish it although I gave some to Brandon! Brandon had a bad experience with curry, but he said it was good 🙂 



Look at all those sausages. This dish was filling and full of flavor! I loved the egg, and the dipping sauce was just perfect with the chicken. I hated the outer coating of the chicken though… after a while, the fried outer part was a bit too much for me. I can’t really explain what the outer part was… maybe sweet potato? The rice moist and everything was perfectly mixed into it also; sometimes restaurants make their rice too dry.

Overall, great way to end the weekend.


Bonus pic of my dinner last night. Brandon’s dad made us ribeye!!!

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