Spending the day in MACAU

Why I had to go to Macau

Many exchange students and people who have not gotten their visa’s validated are required to leave the country (Hong Kong) and come back in through immigration to get it stamped. I was recommended to go to Macau by my school; I was really nervous because I thought I would have to make the trip alone but while waiting in line, I made a new friend : Jane.

Me & Jane decided that we were going to Macau together after one day of meeting each other and it was the best decision ever! We have now become best friends :)

How to get to Macau from Hong Kong

Getting to Macau was very easy and hassle free. We had to board the turbo jet, there are two locations : Sheung Wan or TST. My friend and I opted to take the TST way. The trip will cost roughly about 50 USD dollars and it will take one hour to get to Macau. The boat was a bit more fancy than I thought it would be… I was literally expecting those old rickety boats from Vietnam.

It was like a mini plane; the stewardess was serving drinks and there was also a First Class Cabin. I do have to admit that I felt very sick at certain parts in the journey, so if you get motion sickness please take some medication – I know my sister would not be able to stand the journey.


How to get around Macau / Other Tips

When you first arrive at the terminal, there are plenty of information booths so make sure to get a map! Also, no need to exchange money because most places take HKD. Now, you can choose to either take a bus which would cost you about 2.50 HKD, or take a shuttle to a casino. Jane and I took a bus, but I recommend the shuttle to the casino. From the casino, you can walk anywhere you’d like.

The bus wasn’t too bad though and we got dropped off right at the Historic Centre of Macau. Lucky for us, the weather was PERFECT as it was raining on the way there.

IMG_0334 IMG_0335IMG_0338

I loved all the beautiful buildings. They were so quirky and amazing.IMG_0339 IMG_0343

Ruins of St. Paul’s

IMG_0344  IMG_0346

One of the most popular and famous landmarks. It was seriously beautiful – and as you can tell many people thought the same. It was almost impossible to take a picture with just the ruins without having someone else in the background so after a while we just gave up.IMG_0349 IMG_0351 IMG_0352 IMG_0353 IMG_0355


Sorry no pictures! Make sure that you don’t take pictures because my friend got caught taking a picture and the security guard was very rude and made her delete it right in front of his face. I forgot the casino we went to :(

We decided to have dinner at the casino and surprisingly, it was very affordable! The bill was about 100 HKD each.

IMG_0356 IMG_0357 IMG_0358

IMG_0361 IMG_0362 IMG_0367

Welcome to my University


Welcome to City University !

One of the most amazing things about my school is that it is located in a mall. You heard me, INSIDE A SCHOOL. So, how does that work ? Well, when I heard others tell me that I didn’t really understand until I saw it myself.


My school is located in a huge mall, and to get there I simply go up to the 4th floor and enter it. Imagine the army stores or “National University” that sort of thing.  I went to school to go to Orientation for international students.

10568830_10203509635575378_977165230411549816_n 10620803_10203509635495376_6418824186705258457_n


We were given lots of food and I got to meet plenty of students from all over the world. I do believe that I am the only one from America! Out of all the exchange students I met, most of them were from Germany or Denmark. You can see the other photos on my Instagram!

A peek inside my hotel

Currently staying at the Y-LOFT in CHAI WAN. 

I might be staying here for 5 months but Im not sure yet. I pay about 510 a month so the room is more than 1000  a month for my roomie and I. The place is very nice so I don’t mind paying that much though I wish it were bigger. But, my sister said that this is one of the bigger hotels so I guess I just have to suck it up. The neighborhood is OK, I am surrounded by two shopping malls though (pics up later), so I guess I can’t complain. The reason why I said the neighborhood was OK is because we are very far from everything. We are actually the very last stop on the metro! IMG_0162edited IMG_0163edited

IMG_0247 IMG_0165edited IMG_0166edited

It also boasts of a fitness room and an upcoming restaurant. Since I’m up at 2 am everyday I make sure to go and work out as soon as the fitness room opens which is at 8 am . The fitness room is actually only 4 treadmills put together…. but I guess that is still something.

Some other perks… we have a rooftop track field with an amazing view. We have a laundry room (which I would not recommend for doing your laundry as it is overpriced about 6 USD) and also the reception and staff are very friendly.

IMG_0232  IMG_0234 IMG_0242

wonderful view from the rooftop track

wonderful view from the rooftop track

My Flight to Hong Kong

As I’m sitting here writing this, it is 6 AM in Hong Kong. I’ve been up since 4 AM and couldn’t go back to sleep due to Jetlag. I’m happy to say that I had such a wonderful experience on the airplane, thanks to going First Class. Check below for some of the yummy food.

I spent the whole flight watching movies: 300, spiderman 2, taken 2, Game of thrones! My favorite part of the flight was the Build your own dessert! I went simple and just got a sundae. 

IMG_0126 IMG_0128 IMG_0132 IMG_0155 IMG_0123 IMG_0105 IMG_0140 IMG_0156

I’m off to workout and prepare myself for a wonderful day filled with shopping and taking plenty of pictures. As you guys can tell, my pictures look horrible because I am using my chromebook and we can’t download photoshop on it (how sad) so I had to use another site to do it. Hopefully I’ll find something to fix it soon!

What I’m Packing {Makeup}



I have no doubt I’ll be buying lots of makeup in Hong Kong, so for my trip I packed very lightly. These items are items you have already seen from my makeup kit (previous entries); but the newest item that I just bought before I left is the “Big Easy BB cream” from Benefit.

Big Easy better than BB cream – Benefit


You can read my review on this lovely foundation here


IMG_0249 IMG_0251

Traveling to Hong Kong – Skincare

What I’m packing

{ Skincare }

I would say this is one of the most important parts of my trip because my skin is very very picky! I placed an order at MUA on Sunday, and my order arrived on Wednesday which was perfect timing!


Of course, don’t forget the sunscreen. Hong Kong is hot & humid and I don’t want to get any more tan.IMG_1479 IMG_1466IMG_1449