Creepy Hong Kong Adventures : Getting hit on by a landlord

Just a normal day in my life… I guess

Let me start my story from the beginning. I’m house hunting – I need to move out of this hotel as it is an hour away and into somewhere closer to my uni and friends. Prices run around 800 USD (seriously so much) for a single ROOM. So, I was excited when I found a place in Sheung Wan for 5000 HKD which is 664 USD. The room seemed pretty perfect – it was huge, had windows and looked nice. 

I ended up contacting the landlord and he asked me to message him my whatsapp to talk to each other. This is fairly normal as it’s an easier way to contact someone and I do not have a Hong Kong number. The conversation started off normal enough, he told me that the room wasn’t available for my MOVE OUT DATE, so he wasn’t able to help me then.

Then, he asked me where I was from : which I stated I was vietnamese – american ; and he mentioned he was going to Vietnam and we should go together. I told my friends but they just brushed it off saying he was just trying to be polite… this was when things got weird.

Landlord (LL): You are very sweet and nice. Also, your eyes are so beautiful.

Me: Oh, thank you lol. If your place ends up being open please contact me.

LL: I am not talking to someone who is trying to rent my place, but a friend.

Me: lol.

So, after he wished me goodnight I just shrugged it off. He was nice, but a bit creepy in my opinion but my friends didn’t see him as a threat so I let it go.

LL: I was able to find you a room with my friend, but you would have to share a room with a male is that okay?

Me: No thank you.

LL: I will look for places for you, because that is what friends do. 

LL: I found a place for you, near Central. It is within walking distance to my work, so I can visit you often.

Me: Oh, can I have the address? And the name of the contact?

He ended up not giving me the address but arranging an appointment with the landlord to view it the next day.

Why did I go to see the place? Of course, I was not going to stay there because he would have known where I would live ; but he had already gone through the trouble of setting it up and I didn’t want him to lose face by not going through with the appointment. There was the other landlord involved now, so I asked a friend to go with me. My friend ended up getting terribly sick and was not able to go with me last minute… so luckily I had another friend who was in the area at the time.

Day of the Viewing

He was much younger than I thought he would be and polite. I didn’t get any creepy vibes from him at all and we had a good conversation. We ended up seeing the place, which was nice but a bit small and too far from the MTR. I thought this would be the end of our meetup until it came time to leave.

LL: Oh, did you have lunch yet? Let’s grab lunch together.

Me: Oh, sorry I already ate… I am actually meeting my friend. He is taking me to another agent (a lie I made on the spot).

LL: *looks visibly upset* But I thought we would at least get lunch together… tell your friend to wait an hour or so. 

Me: I can’t, he went out of his way to get me this appointment.

LL: I am worried if we don’t hang out today we won’t have a chance to hang out at all. 

I tried to ask him to take me to a station so my friend could meet with me, but he kept on putting it off and I was worried that I would not end up at a station at all. I tried to text my friend but I didn’t know where I was and LL kept on looking at my texts so I was getting more scared by the minute. Finally, after some silence from him and me asking multiple times which MTR we were going to – he finally said C and I texted my friend to quickly come get me.

We arrived at the MTR, and when he saw my friend he said goodbye and left. After that, I blocked him. 




My first real LUSH purchase! Oh, I was so excited when I was in Langham Place and was able to finally visit a LUSH shop after having extra money. As you know, I’ve only been in Hong Kong for about a week now and my skin has been pretty horrible. I blamed it on the airplane trip, and all the food I ate while in America but there seems to be another culprit: my vitamins. More on that later.

I was able to buy this for 100 HKD and was given plenty of samples. I was given all those cleanses and moisturizer samples along with three cleansing bars. My friend, Rachel, who didn’t even buy anything got the same amount of samples but they were shampoo and conditioners.


Mask of Magnaminty isn’t technically a daily ‘facial wash’; it’s actually a deep cleansing face and back mask. China clay and fresh peppermint reach deep down to pull the debris from your pores, giving you that delightful tingly-clean sensation. We add loads of aduki beans to exfoliate flaky or dry skin, vanilla absolute to calm redness and honey to soothe. Our inventors created Mask of Magnaminty to be the ‘ultimate face mask’, intense but not harsh or abrasive on the skin. We recommend using Mask of Magnaminty weekly to keep the skin in good condition.


I don’t have a working fridge so I was very happy to find that I didn’t need to keep it in the fridge. Also, it lasts quite a while so I was more than happy to shell out 15 USD for it. I love the peppermint smell, and the beans do such a great job at exfoliating. Also, it’s not overly drying for my skin and really helps to calm it down. IMG_0647 IMG_0656


I like to watch a youtube clip or read something before I take a shower and wash it off. 

Fairmont Newport Beach Hotel & Resort

Fairmont Hotel

 As some of you guys may know, Brandon loves surprising me by having a “getaway” at a hotel. I think this is one of my favorites so far, particulary because of one surprise! We went here yesterday after eating dinner at Sake 2 me. As a tip, use express deals from Priceline – we love it! You don’t see what hotel you get, but you can choose the area and see how many stars it is and the price, def. worth it. The hotel was about 90 dollars, and parking was a whopping $30. They park your car for you… so I guess that was nice, but it made me very uncomfortable.

Also, it is located in Newport Beach! The hotel offers a shuttle to : Fashion Island, Balboa Island, and South Coast Plaza. It is also near the airport :)

Hotel Lobby




Inside our room 


My favorite part were the bathrobes!!! 

We’ve stayed at other 4 star hotels before, but this was the first one to offer bathrobes. Since they only gave us one, we called the front desk and requested another.



The bathrobe was super long on me…








I head back to Hong Kong tomorrow and will arrive on Monday at 10 PM.

Will be sure to update my blog with clothing haul photos, and other posts. 

Gifts from Hong Kong



Of course, you can’t come home not bearing gifts! I actually bought these very last minute because of the protests in Hong Kong. Mong Kok was deemed dangerous (by my friends) and I was advised to stay away… but I made a last minute trip to Mong Kok and was able to purchase these goodies. Not pictured: I bought 3 selfie sticks + 3 mini purses, along with 1 universal lens for my phone. 

The clutches were so cheap, 100 HKD for 6! That translates to around 13 USD. These were bought at the Ladies Market in Mong Kok.  The selfie sticks are sold at Ladies Market also… but do not buy them there! They were about 80 HKD at ladies market, but I bought them for 55 HKD = 7 USD at Sinwo (a huge plaza nearby). 



The amazing Selfie Stick!

I should have bought this earlier. Everyone in Hong Kong has a selfie stick and I was late to the party. I love the long reach, how easy it is to use, and how lovely the APP is! The app totally makes everyone look better… let’s hope I don’t get addicted to it. Also, it fits every phone! The blue tooth remote is a nice touch also.



I love how long the reach is! I didn’t pull up it all the way because it would not have fit in the picture.


To angle your phone.



Some examples of photos taken with the selfie stick

Using the selfie stick is def a learning process, you have to know how to angle it correctly. We didn’t use the APP for these pictures, sadly. 



Welcome Home Gift



Welcome Home !

Ahhh, how great does it feel to be back home – if only, for a few days. I really don’t want to leave! For all of those who have been following me since BEFORE I left to Hong Kong, you must miss this set up…. I haven’t had Photoshop this past month and I do believe my photos have suffered because of it. 


I don’t know why the lighting seems to change in certain photos… but anyway, my sister surprised me with this cute little gift set that she got from Estee Lauder. I absolutely love this foundation but ran out right before I leave to Hong Kong so I’m excited to see how it compares with the Benefit one.




I’m a sucker for dark lips and since I didn’t bring any lipstick over to Hong Kong, I’m in love! My go to lippie is Clinique, but we will see how these do against it… expect a blog post comparing them!




Off to a wonderful day filled with shopping and seeing my best friends!

Perfect Tourist Spot : Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak


As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in the middle of the Seattle Airport. You guessed right! I made a quick 4 day trip to California!!! :) I’ll be sure to take pictures and show you guys what I plan to do on this wonderful “mini vacation.” 

How to get to Victoria Peak

Go to Central then exit J2, and turn RIGHT. You can follow all the signs to get there… but it will be a bit of a walk. The website says a pleasent walk, not. You are walking uphill most of the time! But, on the positive side… the view is quite nice.

Cost / Wait

I would recommend that you go on a weekday, because I went on Sunday and we waited about 45 minutes in line (to buy a ticket, and also to board the train). 

We bought the Peak Tram Sky Pass (The Peak Tram & Sky Terrace 428) for 80 HKD, but you can just buy the PEAK TRAM PASS for 40 HKD. What is the difference? Well, the Sky Terrace is amazing and very well worth the extra 40 HKD because you get to go to the highest point and see a 360 degree view of Hong Kong. 

IMG_0522 IMG_0528

The train itself was super fun, it was like a roller coaster right. I joked with my friend and said, “Going up is fun…. but going down should be scary.”

View from the Top


When you first enter, they will give you headphones and this video player. The video doesn’t really work and stops often so after a while I just gave up and returned it. The view is really amazing but since we went on Sunday it was so busy and crowded.

A word of advice: you can only enter once so I would recommend waiting until it gets dark. We entered too early (around 4) so we had to end up staying until 7…. there aren’t that many seats so you spend most of the time standing around.

IMG_0537 IMG_0542 IMG_0543 IMG_0544 IMG_0556

I filled out this cute card and of course wrote about Brandon. Hopefully he will be able to come to Victoria Peak in January

IMG_0559 IMG_0562


See you guys in a few days! <3

Nan Lian Garden – Diamond Hill

Welcome to the Nan Lian Garden…

Getting here was easier than I thought it would be. Just exit Diamond HIll MTR , follow the signs and you’re there! I’m not one for beautiful scenery (I know… weird.) but I would love to take Brandon here. It was very worth it… and the garden was huge!! I’m happy to say its near my school and I’ll be back soon!





IMG_0480 IMG_0483 IMG_0493 IMG_0509 IMG_0511